Social Research

This area of the site is going to highlight the work of professional sociologists and how it made a difference.

Miles Taylor, a sociologist teaching at Florida State University, recently published an article, “The Structural Burden of Caregiving: Shared Challenges in the United States and Canada” (The [...]

Trust in Research

My departmental colleague, Dr. Garry Gray, gave an excellent TEDx talk a while ago where he investigated the funding effect on research as well as the entire issue of “trust”. A great [...]


This post was submitted on October 1, 2015. A link to the article is here. The submitter wrote: “I think that this is a really important article about the gender differences in how people [...]


The people behind Arts4Choice believe that: “Every woman has the right to a timely abortion on demand, no questions asked. No woman should be made to feel fearful or ashamed for having [...]

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